Day 2 - Sunday, January 19, 2020

7:00 am
Registration, Continental Breakfast & Visit Exhibits
8:00 am
Ernie Manders

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Plastic Surgery

8:45 am
Maurice Nahabedian

Optimizing Aesthetics and Update of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

9:45 am
Etienne Briand (Martinique, France)

Breast Reconstruction: Sternalis Muscle

10:00 am
Break and Visit Exhibits
10:30 am
Ash Ghavami

Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation: 24 Hour Recovery based on Tebbetts' Principles

10:45 am
Maurice Nahabedian

Avoiding Complications; The Inframammary Fold and Implants

11:15 am
Dan Murariu

Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction

11:30 am
Nicholas Yim

BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma)

12:00 pm
Tru Dang / Sailesh Tummala / Nicholas Yim

Breast Implant Irrigation

12:15 pm
Vinnie Nip

Mycobacterial Infection of Breast Implants

12:30 pm
Lunch Break and Visit Exhibits
1:30 pm
Michael Hu / Ernie Manders

Patient Selection - Frailty in the Plastic Surgical Patient

2:00 pm
Alan Parsa

Hormone Treatment in the Aesthetic Patient

2:15 pm
Kiya Movassaghi

Isolated Neck Lift - When to do it and its limitations

3:00 pm
Break and Visit Exhibits
3:15 pm
Hong Seok Kim (Korea); Charles Lee

High Double Eyelid Fold Correction Using Wide Dual-Plane Dissection; Levator Dehiscent Ptosis

3:45 pm
Chang-Sik Pak (Korea)

Complications of Cosmetic Fillers Including Blindness

4:00 pm
K Keano Pavlosky, Gregory Harbison, Nicholas Yim, Justin Cheng, Scott Morison, F Don Parsa

Opiods: Impact of Patient Education on Opioid Consumption and Well-Being in Outpatient Surgery

4:30 pm